Welcome to Casey & Donley Legal Transcriptions.
We are experienced court reporters who provide accurate, timely transcriptions
of hearings, trials, interviews, and other legal proceedings.

All transcribers claim to be accurate, but very few are capable of the accuracy demanded at the legal level. Many have no background in law, nor do they have any experience with the complex vocabulary inherent in legal, medical, technological, or other specialized proceedings. This leads to a host of mistakes that can not only be embarrassing, they can damage your case. (For examples of what can go wrong in legal transcription, see the Samples page.)

We understand the importance of the correct words, the correct punctuation, and the correct formatting. We will produce a transcript that reflects what actually happened in your recorded hearing, trial, deposition, interview, or other proceeding.

Benefits of Using Casey & Donley Legal Transcription

Experience. We are full-time court reporters with over 60 years of combined experience.

Accuracy. We pride ourselves on providing this, and we have years of legal experience to help us.

Timeliness and reliability. We understand deadlines and always meet them.

Understanding of the legal world. We understand the relevance of case law and case citations, the judge’s ruling and comments, an attorney’s phrasing and argument, and the general nature of legal proceedings that require, for instance, indexing of examination types.

Certification. We are certified both as court reporters in the state of Washington and certified transcriptionists in King County. This means we are certified to file your original transcription electronically with the Court of Appeals, as well as notify the appropriate parties to comply with the RAPs.

Format and Technology. We use standard transcript formatting with indexes and line numbers, e-trans and searchable PDFs, not Word documents (although we can provide those if requested).

Competitive rates. Our rates are standard in the industry, but our quality is outstanding.